Welcome at Beverloo 3D works!

Welcome at Beverloo 3D works!

3D scanning, 3D milling, foamcutting, Blow-ups, Props and Sculptures.

We have more than 22 years of experience in creating and executing exclusive advertising objects and art projects.

With our 3D scanningsystem en the 3D modifying we do, we create an exclusive en pretty much always unique objects that will be used for artwork, presentations, decorations, theater, movies and TV shows.

Famous work we did are the bronze statues like "Mechteld ten Ham" and "Bergha" in 's-Heerenberg as well as the "Teenage Mutant Ninjaturtles" in Movie Park.

We made a new metamorphosis of an attraction for the park Slagharen and the zoo Burgers we made major deep sea samples in plastic,